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Lovey Rabbit - A Valentine's Huggable

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Valentine’s day is possibly one of the most loved occasions (no pun intended!) each year. Hearts, chocolates, flowers and expensive jewellery is exchanged between sweethearts, but there’s one gift that I remember wishing I received from a sweetheart one day that seems to have gone somewhat forgotten – soft toys.

This year I decided to try and work on an old classic and create my very own Valentine’s Day Huggable pattern. Working on a few different patterns written by great designers, one feeling always cropped up...

“I hate sewing the different parts on”

I wanted to create something relatively easy to work but at the same time eliminate as much sewing as possible. After a few design fails and some trial and error, Lovey Rabbit was born. He’s worked in one piece from head to feet, with separate ears and heart.

This was done by replicating the way a top to bottom crochet sweater is worked, and it is a really easy way to avoid sewing for the most part. The ears are the only parts that need to be sewn, together with a few securing stitches for the heart.

Head on to our Free Patterns to view the pattern, or to our online shop if you would like to purchase a finished Huggable.

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